What is the FBA? What Does It Do?

The Fourth Branch of America, or the FBA, is about empowering you, as a Citizen, to:

  • Keep informed regarding issues and legislation— We will provide an easy way for people to stay on top of the issues that are important to them, and the related legislation at the local, state, and federal levels. Members could indicate their preferences in their member profile, even customizing how often they receive newsletters, and what level and type of information to include. Armed with information, a person is more empowered to act, and act wisely.
  • Take an active and vocal role in their government — Working together, the FBA will effectively form a ‘union’ of citizens, giving the people a louder collective voice that would be heard at all levels of government, whether at the federal, state, or local levels. As our membership and notoriety grows, so will our influence. The FBA would facilitate communications with our governmental representatives, letting the government know where their constituents stand on various issues, and encouraging participation in the political process. The idea is that an informed constituency is an empowered constituency. Politicians could ignore the voice of the people at their own peril. Come election time, we would remember, and act accordingly.
  • Hold their governmental ‘Representatives’ accountable — It will now be easy to follow how our Representatives have voted on various issues, and whether or not they are effectively representing us. Prospective candidates would also be reviewed. Local elections would no longer be determined by whether it was a red sign or a green sign on the side of the road that caught a person’s eye, but rather on the information they were able to learn on what each candidate actually stood for, and what they would to do for them if elected.
  • Offer unbiased forums for debating various issues — The FBA is neither liberal nor conservative, Democrat or Republican. Our purpose is simply to establish the conversation between people, the dialectic, so that we may further understand each other, and the real reasons for our varying viewpoints. The FBA would present controversial issues from multiple perspectives across the political spectrum, allowing all sides to present their best arguments. It is through this debate and public communication that we may all grow in understanding, and perhaps find common ground, and mutually acceptable resolutions. Even if we can only agree to disagree, we can do so with civility and respect.
  • Help those with a passion for a cause find organizations and projects where their participation will make a difference— By tapping into a vast network of organizations already in existence, we can help people find others who feel like they do about their cause, and are doing something about it. In addition, the FBA itself will be proposing and organizing various projects, particular those leading to community enrichment . It is we the people who are the strength of this country.

What Is The Plan?

We believe that an organization like this would be very popular with people very quickly. Given the current frustration and cynicism many people feel with their government, and the partisan game playing that occurs on Capital Hill by both sides, many people would be eager to increase their voice in their government, and feel more empowered. The idea has already been very popular locally.

Because of the information technology that we possess today, the functionality described above is now quite possible. However, it will take resources, financial and otherwise, to make this a reality.

The FBA will proactively recruit members throughout the country using a variety of methods. This would include directly approaching prospective members that have demonstrated themselves to be likely candidates, such as members of other special interest groups and politically active glitterati. As our membership grows and our infrastructure is developed, we will expand our media presence to include radio and TV. We would produce Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), and establish the forums for discussing the issues, legislation , and candidates. As these shows become more popular, it becomes possible to generate revenues from the advertising that accompanies such productions. This would be in addition to the nominal membership fees collected to support our infrastructure, and expand our organization.

We need the support of sponsors who believe the Fourth Branch of America would be a benefit to our country, and the political process that runs it. Please help us launch a vehicle that would allow citizens to have a voice in the political process that governs them. Let us end the feeling of separation from our government. Let us remind citizens that it is our government, and they are our representatives.

How Did the FBA Get It’s Name?

Traditionally, we were told to only think of three branches of our government. The Executive Branch, meant to enforce the laws, the Legislative Branch which makes the laws, and the Judicial Branch which interprets the law’s compatibility with our Constitution.

We suggest that the true power of this country actually rests with the people...
we the people… ostensibly the Fourth Branch of America. It is from the people that each of the other three branches derives their mandate. We wish to remind both our government and the populace itself that, as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently stated, this is a country “of the people, by the people, for the people.