Ray Feliciano - Founder, CEO, CIO, Executive Producer, Sales/Marketing, Sr. Editor, Writer

The driving force behind the FBA project, Ray brings his great passion and experience to bare in this campaign of national importance. Ray knows how strong an influence the media has over public opinion, and the perceptions people develop about the world around them. Drawing from his eclectic background in Sales, Customer Service, Programming, Quality Assurance, Technical Writing, and Project Management, and Systems Architecture, Ray has the ability to motivate and inspire people, organizing and leading them to apply their assorted skills sets towards our common goal.



Greg Hitchcock - Writer

Greg has been reporting on local and statewide affairs for some time now. He enjoys knowing that his investigative reporting contributes to the political debate.

Mike Schild - Writer

Mike has greatly contributed to the high calibre, objective reporting that The Informed Constituent ® has become renowned for. He has consistantly been one of our most valuable journalists in the FBA team.


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