Right to Life vs. Planned Parenthood on the Abortion Issue

In the interest of presenting both sides of this hotly debated topic, the Fourth Branch of America invited the champions of both sides to present their best arguments (in less than 1000 words each).

Pro-Life Argument
pro_life_counterprotest.jpg - 70.65 K

Counter-protesters display graphic photos dipicting aborted fetuses at a massive Pro-Choice march in Washington D.C.
(Photo by Ray Feliciano)

Click here to read the Right to Life (Pro-Life) side.

Pro-Choice Argument
pro_choice_washington_protesters.jpg - 73.31 K

Hundreds of thousands marched past the White House in Washington D.C. April 25th, 2004 in support of women's reproductive rights.
(Photo by Ray Feliciano)

Click here to read the Planned Parenthood (Pro-Choice) side.