New York State Right to Life Committee On Abortion

By Lori Kehoe
[Lori Kehoe is the Sr. Congressional Liaison
for the New York State Right to Life Committee, Inc.

45 million children - 45 million beating hearts silenced by Choice.

31 years ago the Supreme Court handed down a decision robbing the youngest and most defenseless among us of their God-given right to life. That decision forced every state in the nation to withdraw protection from the most vulnerable members of our society - our unborn children.

  • -At the moment of fertilization a new member of the human family comes into being. All genetic traits that you possess were determined at that moment! The color of your eyes, the shade of your skin, how tall you would be - all settled.
  • -Your heart began to beat between 18-21 days after that moment!
  • -You had measurable brain waves between 40-43 days.
  • -At 7 weeks you swam around freely and kicked your feet.
  • -At 10-11 weeks you would’ve grasped an object placed in your hand.
pro_life_counterprotest.jpg - 70.65 K
Counter-protesters display graphic photos depicting aborted fetuses at a massive Pro-Choice march in Washington D.C. April 25th.
(Photo by Ray Feliciano)

The undeniable, biological facts of life:

Each child at that truly magic moment of coming into being is a miracle realized and hope for the future. And each medical advancement shows the magnificence of life in the womb.

That’s how we see it.

Planned Parenthood and other tentacles of the pro-abortion movement see it differently. They worship at the altar of “choice.” They say you must be able to pick one, the mother over her child and over that “right” they rejoice. The pro-life movement says we can and we must love both the mother and her child.

Let’s examine a few methods of abortion. Suction aspiration-sucks baby apart with a machine that is 29 times stronger than your vacuum. That’s first trimester. D&E-2nd/3rd trimester-the bones of the baby are calcified so suction aspiration won’t work. Abortionist uses pliers-type instrument to pull the child’s limbs off. Partial-birth abortion-deliver the baby, in 2nd/3rd trimester, 4/5 of the way until only her head is left inside. While her hands are clasping and unclasping, her feet kicking, the abortionist shoves a surgical scissors into the nape of her neck, inserts a suction catheter and sucks her brains out. Saline abortion-abortionist replaces amniotic fluid with salt poison. Baby “breathes” the solution and is burned from the inside out. Former abortionists say that in the abortion industry they’re referred to as “candy apple babies” because their skin is burned so badly it resembles that color. It takes the child between one and two torturous hours to die.

Why? The pro-abortion movement lies that it’s about saving the mother’s life or protecting a disabled child-God forbid-from being born. But, even as sick as that it, it’s not true anymore than the lie that this is needed to save Moms. Abortionist, Martin Haskell, who helped develop and publicize partial birth abortion, said that 80% of his procedures were “purely elective” while another acknowledged he routinely did the procedure for “depression,” youth of the mother, cleft palate and other such things.

And besides any reality of being wiped from the face of the earth by the big people who don’t want them-how do the babies feel? “The neural pathways are present for pain to be experienced quite early by unborn babies.” Steven Calvin, perinatologist, University of Minnesota.

None of our lives are without problems, but the answer to problems is not to kill kids.

And imagine this-when they aren’t pulling kids apart-Planned Parenthood is doing prenatal care! For those children who the parents choose not to terminate them we assume. Walk into room one in Planned Parenthood- I guess you see the real deal-a sonogram of your unborn child-pick up your vitamins-remember get a lot of sleep-you’re eating for two. Room two-jump up on the table and let us take care of the little invader.

Now the pro-abortion movement is joining with the science without scruples crowd and calling for the cloning of human beings for the purpose of experimentation and then destruction. If they have their way-for the first time in our history it would be a federal offense to allow a whole class of human beings to live. The New York State legislature is entertaining their own brand of human clone and kill. Their bill would allow the implantation into a womb of the new human child, created through cloning. The baby then is grown and experimented on until birth! There would then be a forced abortion so we wouldn’t have to tolerate any little human clones running around. What’s more is that it’s adult stem cell research-not embryonic through cloning or other methods-that are showing tremendous results! This new assault on the human family should shake all of us up. It should also be noted for those who still believe that this was about women’s rights. It was never about women’s rights. It was always about money and a profound lack of understanding the intrinsic value of human life - and it still is.

Pro-abortionists protect abortion at all cost, while still desperately claiming to speak for women. Scandalously, though, they fight safety regulations for abortion facilities where women are often subjected to filthy conditions and substandard care and against informed consent legislation so women will be told the whole truth. They struggle to keep the plethora of worldwide data showing the link between breast cancer and abortion secret (using the highly political NCI - check out the NCI’s own study that shows this link that they are trying to deny still).

In a world where so many things happen to children that we’re helpless to stop - the abortion industry beats the drum of choice, choice, choice - death by choice.

John Kerry is the cheerleader for all of this mess. He voted every chance he got - 6 times - to defeat the ban on partial-birth abortion. President Bush believes that every child should be “welcomed into life and protected in the law.” Doesn’t that sound better?

We invite you to join us in this struggle for life. We plead with you to vote on November 2nd.

41 State St.
Albany, New York 12207
(518) 434-1293

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