Malachy McCourt (Green Party)

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Each candidate was offered a total of 1500 words for all nine questions to be allocated at their discretion. Their contact information was not included towards that total.

1. Rising costs for education, heating, and auto fuel are straining the ability of middle class families to make ends meet, even if both spouses work. As Governor what, if anything, would you do to help working families that are struggling to get by?

We can support families by converting from a war society to a peace society and using the savings to pay a living wage, fix up our schools, clean up the air and water, and produce jobs by investing in renewable energy.

2. Affordable healthcare is of particular concern for many New Yorkers, and many do not have any insurance coverage at all. As Governor, how would you address this issue?

I support universal, single-payer health care, or sickness care as I call it. In the current system too much is spent on administrative costs while many people are left uncovered, putting a burden on our hospitals and clinics.

Malachy McCourt
Malachy McCourt

3. As Governor, would you seek to encourage the ‘Tech Valley’ initiative to make New York a magnet for high-tech jobs, such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and alternative energies, and if so, what would you do to advance that initiative?

I would advance this objective with the following steps from the Green Party of New York State platform:

  • Promoting development and use of alternative renewable energy technologies, including active and passive solar, solar-thermal electricity, solar electric photovoltaics, wind, ocean, tidal, small-scale hydro, geothermal, alcohol, biomass, bio-fuel, solar-hydrogen fuel, methane, hydrogen and fuel cells, through subsidies and incentives including NYPA low-cost power subsidies;
  • Establishing a business incubator funding research and development of renewable energy technologies for export to promote job creation in New York State;
  • Employing union labor in construction of state energy projects;
  • Providing state economic financing and technical assistance to create the businesses needed for a renewable energy system, including renewable energy producers, clean vehicle manufacturers, rail transportation providers, companies to retrofit buildings, and companies for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

4.Do you agree or disagree with President Bush’s approach to education reform with No Child Left Behind, and where, if anywhere would you improve the program and our schools?

I disagree. Kids are overtested. It is test enough to be born. Schools should be a joyful place where music, art, literature and song are honored. I left school when I was 13 but my love for literature saved my life. We have to do more to keep children in school. We spend so few dollars for school and then spend $50,000 a year for prison. The prison industry in upstate New York is flourishing by working on kids from the city who have dropped out. We must increase funding for education.

5. What is your position regarding the balance of power between Federal law and State’s rights? For example, when the Federal government trumps the reserved rights of the State on laws such as legalizing medical marijuana, gay marriage, or euthanasia?

You have not mentioned the death penalty. No state should ever be in the business of death. The death penalty is a cold-blooded, revengeful thing. There is an old saying – if you take revenge you dig two graves; one for yourself. As governor I will do everything in my power to abolish the death penalty.

6. What are the challenges facing New York that are perhaps unique to the State, and how would you handle those challenges differently than your opponent?

Organized corporate crime is a big challenge. Corporations have been given the same rights as people. Because of the actions of the corporate criminals at Enron, 20,000 people lost their jobs and the chance to give their children an education. Corporate lobbyists pay candidates who do their bidding. If you give someone some money in a hallway, it’s called bribery. If you give them the money that night, it’s called a fundraiser. The Green Party does not accept corporate contributions.

7. In the name of National Security, is it reasonable for Americans to expect some of their civil liberties and Constitutional protections to be curtailed during this War on Terror? What can New York do to make itself safer?

It is not reasonable. Many people are not aware that my opponent, Elliot Spitzer, help draft New York’s version of the Patriot Act. I am completely opposed to the recent bills such as these that have violated the most basic principles of the US Constitution: habeas corpus, right to privacy, right of assembly, seeing evidence and confronting accusers. As true patriots and human beings we must hang together (or as Benjamin Franklin said we will hang separately) and fight for the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. New York will be safer when we stop sending our money overseas for war. The Pentagon is spending 45 million an hour. We need that money here.

8. What do you see as the greatest challenge facing New York, and what would you do about it?

One of the greatest challenges is the millions of New Yorkers without health insurance. Universal, single-payer health insurance will cover everyone while saving money on health care costs.

9. Why should the people of New York choose you for Governor over your opponent?

I support our immediate withdrawal from Iraq; universal, single-payer health care; full LGBT rights including gay marriage; an end to the death penalty; defending our civil liberties, and an immediate conversion to safe, renewable energy for new job creation. Neither of the major party candidates does. My campaign does not take corporate money, theirs do. New York is called the Empire State but we don't need an emperor, we need a governor. So don’t waste your vote, give it to me!

Malachy McCourt
(631) 587-2911