Legislation at the Federal Level

This is where we post important legislation that is being considered by the U.S. Congress. We cite the actual docket number for easy hyperlinked reference.

Click here to see legislative bills being considered by the U.S. Congress

We will soon be adding a message board to offer forums for discussing the various issues and bills. We invite the full spectrum from Conservatives to Liberals to respectfully express their positions of topics of national interest. Our idea is to facilitate the conversation between people so that we may better understand each other, and then empower all citizens with the tools needed to act on that information, however they decide.

Legislation at the State Level

This is where we post important legislation that is being considered by the state governments. We cite the actual docket numbers for easy hyperlinked reference.

From the links below, you will find the official state government websites for each state, as well as links to that state's legislature. Currently we only are able to post the legislation for the following 'Active' states:

This section will be expanding soon to include other states, and offer forums for discussing various issues, bills, and policies. If your state is not listed, please contact us to let us know which state you would like us to cover next!

You may contact us at Ray.Feliciano@fourthbranchofamerica.com

Legislation at the Local Level

This section is coming soon. The functionality would be the same as at the Federal Level, but broken down by selecting a County or Township, by map or drop down list.

Legislation of Interest to Me

This functionality will allow, once created, will allow users to track legislation on issues of particular importance to them. This would include bills that touch on topics the user's Membership Profile indicates were issues they wished to be kept informed.

Where Do My Legislators Stand?

This section will allow users to easily see where their legislators (or up coming candidates) have stood on the issue, and how they will likely vote of have voted.