Candidate Steven Vasquez (Republican)


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1. A July Gallup poll showed only a 14% approval rating for Congress. Why is that? What would you do to improve the public's perception of Congress?

Congress currently represents special interests and corporate welfare, rather than the people, free trade, and the Constitution. As a Congressman it will be my job to check and balance the powers of the Executive Branch, protect the rights and liberties of the people, stop the massive waste of taxpayers' money, protect the economy with a strong Constitutional monetary policy and balanced budgets, and unlike the Democrats, uphold the mandate of the people in 2006 to stop being the military policeman of the world and bring our troops home.

2. If elected to congress, what measures, if any, would you take to help the growing segment of people who are struggling to keep up with the rapidly rising food, fuel, and healthcare costs that have not been matched by rising wages?

Candidate Steven Vasquez
Candidate Steven Vasquez

The rising prices are directly caused by the rapid devaluation of the US dollar and the irresponsible policies of Congress and the cartel of private banks called the Federal Reserve. Congress spends the American people's money in massive deficit spending that is bankrupting the country, and the “Federal” Reserve prints money out of thin air to bail out irresponsible banks that should fail in a capitalism system. The dollar has fallen 25% in 3 years, making it worth less than the Canadian dollar! The only way to save the US from hyperinflation and a depression is to cut spending from overseas and domestically, return our troops from over 700 bases in over 130 countries, and move from a debt-based financial system that we pass to our children and grandchildren into a savings and assets-based system.


3. What Social Issues, if any, would you champion while in congress?

Every year Congress loots over $150 billion from the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds and uses it as a crutch for its massive deficit spending. They are literally stealing from the pension funds of every American, and if Congress was a corporation, they would all be arrested. According to the Government Accounting Office, this has created an actual deficit of over $53 trillion, or over $400,000 per household, that your children will be paying for the rest of their lives. In ten years, Medicare will be bankrupt, and our seniors and veterans will lose their retirement benefits that they paid during their life. As Congressmen, I would pass Ron Paul's H.R.219 Social Security Preservation Act.

4. What do you see as the greatest challenge facing America today and in the coming years, what would you do about it so that we are prepared?

The greatest challenge and threat to national security in America is the economy and bankruptcy of the Federal Government. According to David Walker, the previous Comptroller General (highest accountant in America), the Federal Government is insolvent and will be bankrupt when Medicare runs out of funds in 2018, which equates to no funds for national defense or any other programs. Even if every American and corporation is taxed 100%, there still will be an insurmountable deficit. We need to make the hard choices now in Congress to prevent millions of the middle-class going into poverty within a few years.

5. Why should the people of the 21st district choose you over all others?

During difficult economic times, Congress needs a businessmen with an MBA and Masters of Engineering from RPI that understands the economy and how to create jobs to bring America back to its economic strength. Rather than representing the 14% of the people who approve the current Congress, I will represent the 86% that requires responsibility and accountability from government. Unlike others who would cross their fingers, I will uphold my oath to follow the Constitution.

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