Candidate Joseph Sullivan (Democrat)


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1. A July Gallup poll showed only a 14% approval rating for Congress. Why is that? What would you do to improve the public's perception of Congress?

Congress has a 9 percent approval rating because Congress is not addressing problems critical to ourĀ  survival, as individuals, families, communities and a nation. If voters want campaign reform, term limits and substance, I am their man. I am a veteran who has served our country in the U.S. Navy, and I will do serve again, if elected to Congress.

2. If elected to congress, what measures, if any, would you take to help the growing segment of people who are struggling to keep up with the rapidly rising food, fuel, and healthcare costs that have not been matched by rising wages?

I am a senior citizen, on a fixed income. Along with wage earners, we face the same economic problems. I understand and will look out for seniors and wage earners to the best of my ability.

Candidate Joseph Sullivan
Candidate Joseph Sullivan

3. What Social Issues, if any, would you champion while in congress?

Social Issues? Read my platform:

4. What do you see as the greatest challenge facing America today and in the coming years, what would you do about it so that we are prepared?

Homeland (national) security is the priority issue, if we are not safe, (and we are not), none of the other issues will matter. Emergency/Disaster preparedness is everyone's responsibility. We can not depend on government to save us. We must prepare to save ourselves. Oil is the lifeblood of our economy and way of life. As long as we depend on imported oil, the U.S. must maintain a military presence in the world's oil producing regions. I am the only candidate in this 21st District contest, with this message.

5. Why should the people of the 21st district choose you over all others??

Read and hear what I have to say and make up their own minds.

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