Candidate Darius Shahinfar (Democrat)


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1. A July Gallup poll showed only a 14% approval rating for Congress. Why is that? What would you do to improve the public's perception of Congress?

Congressional approval rating is so low because they haven't taken a stand against the Bush Administration and have taken little action on issues that matter most to the people. With rising gas, healthcare, food and energy costs, people have lost confidence in their representatives to do what is right. In Congress, I'll listen to what Upstate New Yorkers need, not special interests, and renew the American promise of open and honest government.

Candidate Darius Shahinfar
Candidate Darius Shahinfar

2. If elected to congress, what measures, if any, would you take to help the growing segment of people who are struggling to keep up with the rapidly rising food, fuel, and healthcare costs that have not been matched by rising wages?

When elected to Congress, I will fight for universal healthcare, fight to reduce tensions in the Middle East, and fight to get our economy back on track. Universal coverage would help lower property taxes to every American, and save us from co-pays, deductibles, and premiums. By reducing Middle Eastern tensions, we can lower gas prices, like we've seen in recent weeks. Finally, with a stronger economy and currency, every hard earned dollar can go further to help cover our families' everyday living.

3. What Social Issues, if any, would you champion while in congress?

There are two major issues I feel need to be addressed. One is changing the way we finance our public school system. Property taxes are a major burden to taxpayers, and a poor way to pay for our public schools. We need to renew America's promise to parents, to our children and to our nation by making sure that the next generation receives an education that prepares them for the 21st century. The other issue that needs to be addressed is that we need to strengthen our privacy rights. This will provide protection for Americans from government intrusion in our personal lives.

4. What do you see as the greatest challenge facing America today and in the coming years, what would you do about it so that we are prepared?

The greatest challenge in America is the lack of a national energy program and its effects on our economy. With a reliance on oil, we have seen what crude prices around the world can do to our wallets here at home. This is why we must rid our dependence on not just foreign, but all oil. By creating green jobs, we can employ Americans and make alternative energies a reality, not an idea to be left for a later time. In Congress, I'll fight to make sure that wind, solar, and other renewable energy programs don't get shut out by big oil and other groups with deep pockets. Together, we can renew America's promise to our environment, our economy, and future generations.

5. Why should the people of the 21st district choose you over all others??

I should be the people's choice because I am the only candidate who has been employed in the House of Representatives and knows how an office should to be run. I have experience in all three branches and all three levels of government to understand how our government operates. I've fought for the people of Upstate New York working for Legal Aid and the Albany County Attorney's Office while raising a family in this region. By answering to the people and not firms with an endless supply of money, I know we can do what's right for our families, our communities, and our nation.

Campaign Information
Phone:(518) 320-8478
HQ: 255 New Scotland Ave Albany, NY 12208