About the Fourth Branch of America

The Fourth Branch of America, LLC published The Informed Constituent® newspaper in the Capital District of New York on a monthly basis for five years staring in 1992. It did so with a shoe-string budget, and a volunteer team. Despite those challenges, it grew to be respected by both Republicans and Democrats (and everything in between) as being an extremely objective and useful civics educational resource, even being used within schools to teach civics education.

However, as the founder, Ray Feliciano, is fond of saying, "Capitalism is hard to play if you don't have any capital.", and lacking the funds to hire a full-time team to work with, after a five year run, The Informed Constituent was forced to temporarily halt production until supporting funds could be secured.

If you would be intersted in hearing more about The Informed Constituent or the Fourth Branch of America, please contact the founder, Ray Feliciano, directly at Ray.Feliciano@fourthbranchofamerica.com to let him know of your interest. He will then be sure to keep you informed.

Our Vision

To be the premier non-partisan medium for increasing the dialectic between citizens and their government in order to keep people informed of the latest news, legislation, and issues that affect them, as well as the stances of the politicians who decide policy.

We seek to improve civics education in schools, re-engage American people in the power of the democratic process, and facilitate the enactment of solutions needed to address issues facing our communities.